Optimization out of quagmires.

Pronghorn is a whole approach to Magento optimization and a remedy for digging out of store quagmires. At the core is a hosting platform acutely engineered to give you more performance and a higher ceiling per dollar. In tandem, Pronghorn delivers professional support and consulting under one umbrella to improve the underlying health of your Magento store at the application software and front-end UX levels. This is holistic optimization. Anything less is futile.

Sitesquad Pronghorn for Enduring Magento Performance

All that matters to our clients is solvency. At some point, they want to make money using Magento. Pronghorn combats the things that lead to higher costs with Magento, including:

  • Systemic problems due to poor implementation, customization and UX engineering.
  • The high cost of escalating hardware expenditures masking underlying application issues.
  • Over-sized hardware expenditures to start

Application and UX optimization

Systems engineering and delivery

Front-line support and response

Best practices all round.

Pronghorn is not just a platform. It’s the pursuit of doing the right things with Magento for each merchant.

Universal application and hosting support.
Integrated service desk for Magento and systems support.

Store integrity with professional Git workflow.
Full development, stage, production processes.

Discerning enhancements.
MaxCDN, Full-page caching, Sphinx search.

Shrewd security.
Stringent access control, HSTS, SPDY.

Multi-server hardware architecture.
Better performance with more hardware at less cost.

Top-notch application server stack.
nginx, PHP-FPM, Redis.

Better insight with New Relic.
Deep application peformance monitoring and consulting.

Sphinx search.
Replacement over MySQL and Solr.